Do we value handmade?

When you receive a handmade gift do you cringe? How about if you are the crafter? Do you keep your making to yourself?  Christmas is past now, but if you are a crafter, did you make any presents? Were you more concerned about the time commitment or how they would be received?


I think people often fall into two camps when it comes to handmade. Either they think you were being cheap, or they value the time, effort and cost involved in choosing fabric, pattern and actually crafting. Machine made products may be cheaper, but they aren’t made with love.


When it comes to crafting for friends and family what is your approach?  I tend to do most of my making for me- it is my hobby as well as my way of personalising my wardrobe, but I do sew for my family too from time to time.  I know that they understand how much work goes into making something special and personal.  A pair of personalised PJ’s, a shirt, a cycling jersey- I have created all these recently and they have been well received with love.


via Daily Prompt: Craft


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