Carrie Trousers

IMG_1246Despite comments and mockery from my co-workers last summer about these Carrie Trousers from Sew Over It, they are indeed trousers and not pajamas!  This pattern was released by Sew Over It as part of their ‘Ultimate Guide to sewing and fitting trousers’ online course.


As mentioned above, these were made at the end of last summer and they are just so comfy.  I wasn’t sure that it was a style that I would wear, but I wanted to make them to practice some trouser skills before embarking on something more complicated. It also gave me the opportunity to have a first attempt at sewing drapey rayon.  Sadly, I cant remember where I bought this from, but I feel like I have seen this fabric all over the internet!


The fabric behaved itself very well and the online course from Sew Over It is excellent.  For some reason, making trousers does seem much trickier than a skirt or dress, but the videos and guides did remove the mystery and fear surrounding this project!  The course does also include the Ultimate Trouser pattern, and help in getting these more complex and fitted trousers to work for you.


Going back to the Carrie trousers, these were very simple to fit because of the loose flowing style and an elasticated back waistband.  The front panel of the waistband is left flat for a more flattering fit.  The only problems that I have had with them is that, 1. my elastic keeps trying to twist within the waistband and 2. the front section of waistband is not quite firm enough to hold its shape.


I think that the first problem might be solved by stitching through the elastic and waistband in a few places to keep it in place.  Problem two- perhaps I needed some stiffer interfacing to help it hold its shape.


Because these are loose fitting, they are perfect for summer.  They keep you cool when it is warm, but because they are full length you don’t get cold legs if the weather turns windy.  I personally love them for travelling in- it is a bit like wearing your pjs (just don’t tell the guys at work)!



4 thoughts on “Carrie Trousers

  1. Lynsey_makes says:

    I think this is the course for me, I’ve put off trying trousers for far too long. Yours look fab and there are so many in the shops that are similar.


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