The perfect elegant top- Ogden Cami

I think that I might be the last person in the sewing world to make one of these Ogden Cami’s this summer! This is a pattern by True Bias, and has been cropping up all over blogs and Instagram over the summer.  I can definitely see why though.  The pattern is so simple, but just beautifully drafted so it fits in a very elegant way.


This is actually my second of these tops.  I am hopefully wearing the first one as you read this to a wedding, and I will be revealing my full wedding outfit next weekend (hopefully).  This one does have a couple of issues, but I think they are of my own making!


The fabric is a remnant of premier crepe from Fabric Godmother in the colour beige. I would probably call it something more elegant like blush, but it is a really lovely neutral colour.  The remnant was only 60cm, which meant that I didn’t have quite enough to cut the facings too, so I cut them from a cream acetate lining fabric.


I think the may be where my small fitting issue came in.  The crepe is drapey and has a lot of movement. The lining is a little stiffer and more rigid, though also lightweight. I think it is the lining which is causing the slight pulling across my bust and underarms.  I don’t seem to have this problem in the other one, and I think this is because the facing moves with the main fabric better.


The pattern advises that you do something to differentiate the front from the back, so I hand stitched this little button onto the back lining to help me out when getting dressed!


This is a straight size 4 and I love it.  Being fitted at the bust means that I don’t feel swamped in fabric by the time it flares out over the stomach and hips.  I do have a little bit of a tummy, and this conceals it without looking like I am trying to!  This crepe does have a good bit of drape, and I have so many more plans for these in all the remnants I can get my hands on.  It is certainly economical for fabric and can definitely be got out of 1m.



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