Dazzling Toaster Two!

So many people have made things with this gorgeous Dazzle French Terry from Atelier Brunette. It’s the sort of fabric that until now, I haven’t dared to buy or sew with because along with being the most gloriously soft fabric, it is also the most expensive fabric I have ever cut into. I bought it with some Christmas money though, in the sale at Guthrie and Ghani, and it felt a bit more manageable.

IMG_2381Because the fabric is so special, I wanted to keep my pattern choice to something I knew I would love. My last Toaster Sweater was great. I used the #2 version which has a split hem and I love the extra length that I added, and the slightly swingy shape. This time though I decided to modify the neckline to more of a crew neck. I like wearing jumpers over shirts, and this neckline is a bit more comfortable and practical when wearing it like this.

IMG_2303The pattern modifications were super simple.  I based the shape on an existing ready to wear jumper, and traced the shape onto my pattern pieces.  I had to draft a new neckband, but that is just the same as doing it for any jersey t-shirt or dress.  Construction wise, these mods actually made it simpler, with just the mitred hem requiring a bit of extra care.

IMG_2324Everything else I keep as my last sweater. It is the fabric which makes this, not overcomplicating it with design.

IMG_2332.JPGThere is one detail that I’m pleased I spent a little extra time on. I went for gold coloured thread for my topstitching. It meant that my stitching needed to be extra beautiful and precise, but I think it does elevate this make and I’m glad I didn’t play it safe with navy thread.

IMG_2389This is the sort of fabric that you feel like saving every scrap.  I do have a small piece left over, though I think it is too small to make anything for me.  I might have to make a matching jumper for the baby instead!




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