Roar like a lion

Toby has only just started fitting into his penguin dungarees, and although the body fits pretty well at the moment, the legs are still a little long. We have had some lovely adventures wearing them already!

For this next pair, I decided to size up to the 18-24 month size, but keep the length of the 12-18. I think that it might suit his slightly stocky proportions (and bulky cloth nappy) better!

These are the same Fox dungarees pattern from ‘The Fox, the Bear and the Bunny” and felt very quick to sew up this time. They really are very simple with just two front and two back pieces in each the lining and outer fabrics. This time I’ve used up the remnants of corduroy from Toby’s Bunny coat, and another fun printed polycotton for the lining.

Just like with the penguin dungarees, I chose an image that I liked for the pocket animal design and sketched (or traced) it at a suitable scale. The lion face seemed like a good theme to co-ordinate with the cream corduroy and yellow suns on the lining. Just remember to keep the outer shape really simple. I did decide to simplify mine when I was considering adding the seam allowances on. I realised that the more points there were, and the tighter the curves, the more difficult it would be to turn through the lining neatly.

I finished the hems in the same way was the previous pair, folding and pressing the lining 1cm shorter than the main fabric. This prevents the lining from sticking out at all when they are worn full length and is almost like a mini facing. It gives a really clean finish that I’m happy to have visible when they are rolled up too.

About the only change I did make was to swap the direction of the buttonholes on this pair. The penguin dungarees have horizontal buttonholes at the top of the bib, and I have noticed them pulling slightly sometimes. I’m hoping that making them vertical this time will solve the problem

I did slip another of these little Kylie and the Machine labels in the side seam. It’s nice to be able to show off a little with some cute finishing touches!

Once again I’m not expecting them to fit right away, but I’m expecting sewing time to be a bit thin on the ground in the next few months so it is nice to have something finished to look forward to using! I can see that this is a pattern I am going to keep coming back to as Toby grows so I’m glad that the sizes in the book go up to 4-5 years. Now I’ve got the hang of designing my own pocket animals I’m sure I will be taking requests as he grows up!


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