Sewing Room Spruce-up

My sewing room has gone through a few transitions since the last time I shared it. Most notably recently, it has been rearranged to make a space for feeding and changing the new baby. This has meant a big tidy up, clear out, and is going to mean that it needs to be kept a bit neater and tidier in future too to keep everyone safe!

As part of that process, I decided that my machines needed a bit more love. I don’t routinely put their covers on because I don’t really like the plasticky ones they came with, but as a result they do get a bit dusty. It seemed like it was time to make something a bit more attractive to keep them happy and clean, especially if I’m going to have a bit less time to use them for a while.

Closet Case Patterns released these free overlocker and sewing machine cover templates over a year ago. They are simple unlined drop covers designed to be sewn in heavy weight cotton upholstery fabrics. I’ve had this stripe in my stash for a while so it seemed like a good candidate.

The sewing machine cover has a template for a pocket on each side. I opted for just one pocket because my machines are usually stored under this shelf and against the wall so the back side is not very accessible. There wasn’t quite enough of my main fabric to cut the pocket piece too, so I used a little of a similar weight cotton left over from Matt’s waistcoat. It did also free me from any attempt at pattern matching too which made this a much speedier sew!

I think the pocket will be a good location for popping scissors or rotary cutters to keep them well out of reach of wondering little hands, and the foot pedal which I rarely use because I prefer the start and stop button on the machine.

I deliberately cut both covers so that I didn’t need to do any pattern matching at the side seams too, not that I really had enough fabric to cut it out to match anyway! It means that the ends of the covers are not symmetrical, but I’m more than happy to live with that.

Despite measuring my machines, the overlocker cover ended up way too big, so I have ended up with a massive 3.5″ hem allowance, taken as 1.5″ and then 2″. It does fit much better though now, even if it is also a little bit wide.

The instructions suggest adding piping, but I wanted to keep this really quick and easy. The finished covers look smarter and help to keep my machines clean when they aren’t in use. They are just a bit nicer to look at when I’m sat in the other corner feeding the baby in the middle of the night! I’ll have to do a bit more of a tour of the rest of the room sometime soon too.