Accessorise it up!

When I finished my cardigan for the baby, I had a whole ball of wool left over, so it definitely made sense to knit a few little accessories to wear with it! I was going to look for a pattern for knitting a hat in the round, but couldn’t find one that worked for the combination of yarn, needles and the pattern of the cardigan so I went with a pattern that I have used before and knitted flat.

This pattern comes from a Sirdar Sublime knitting booklet (book 2). It is the Rosie Posy Beanie which is pictured on the cover and is really simple especially as I didn’t even do the suggested colour change part way as my wool was already self striping. I cast this on in the car on the way to the Lake District for our holidays, and finished it off on the return journey having picked it up every now and again at nap time and in the evenings.

There was still some wool left over once the hat was finished, so I thought I had better complete the set with some mittens. These are just a free pattern that I found here. Again, I wanted something super easy and uncomplicated for quick results!

Again, there was no need for all the colour changes suggested in the pattern so each mitten was completed in an evening of television watching. There is not much concentration required, so it is perfect for just keeping your hands busy while thinking about something else!

I still had a tiny bit of wool left after the mittens and thought that it might just be enough to combine with some cream yarn from my scraps box to make some booties. The booties also come from the Sirdar pattern book but I changed where the colour change was knitted to make the absolute maximum use of my green yarn. They are knitted in two pieces, a sole and the upper. The sole is in garter stitch and the upper is stockinette. Again, they are super easy, and didn’t take much time or concentration to produce something which will be pretty cute.

I have made the hat and booties before as a present for a friend’s baby, and was probably one of the first projects that I completed as a novice knitter so I can definitely recommend them as beginner friendly. This time around, they were good easy projects which didn’t require too much concentration or energy. Equally, the mittens were really quick and easy, though they would be a bit more fiddly if you did all the colour changes from the pattern.

I think the whole set is just lovely though, and I can’t wait to be able to use them all. It really is a complete set now with the cardigan! Team green all the way!


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