What a week!

I did have something different scheduled to post this week, but it has been such an odd week that it seemed more appropriate to address the world news and also the everyday stories of how they are affecting our lives at the moment. Thus far, our household is well apart from the usual colds and sniffles that beset all families with small children. We are very grateful that so far we are healthy, but we fully expect that at some point in the future we wont be. While that seems scary, we are trying to keep it in perspective with the knowledge that even in the scariest or most unknown situation God is with us and will never abandon us.

Those machines are going to need to stay tidy under that shelf for a while!

In the meantime, we are washing our hands and starting to hunker down at home, trying to do our part for social distancing. We’ve been going on walks, feeding the ducks, colouring, building, playing and generally trying to keep Toby’s life as normal as possible while protecting ourselves and others. Matt is now working from home, so sadly my sewing space has returned to being his office most of the time and sewing opportunities are going to be more limited. Even more so now that Toby is no longer going to nursery, so his nap time or evenings are now the only opportunities to potter along with a few projects.

We all need a bit of fresh air from time to time

So what am I going to do without sewing? I think first of all I’m going to be a lot more tired having Toby home full time on my own so I might not really feel like doing much. However, I am going to try to keep opportunities going because I really value sewing as good mental health downtime where I can focus on each step as it comes. I’m going to be planning projects for when I have a bit of time or energy, tracing patterns (possibly on the floor while Matt uses the desk), continuing to digitally organise my fabric and patterns and generally dreaming about sewing. I’ve been doing a little knitting too. I have a few projects finished or nearly so which I will continue to share over the next few months, and I will keep enjoying wearing and seeing my family wear the things that I have made for them.

Slow progress on my knitting

While the physical world for a lot of us is going to be getting smaller for a while as we stay home more, there is no reason for our contact with the outside world to stop. I’ve been so happy to hear from people who are coming up with innovative ways to use technology to keep’meetings’ going. This morning I’m taking part in a live streamed church service, and I’m planning to join in with some exercise classes via Facebook too! I can see that for some, being physically isolated might mean anxiety, loneliness and the very real concern that fewer opportunities for exercise and interact with others might result in depression. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression at various stages, and I am also trying not to succumb to my fears and concerns that this isolation could be very damaging for my own, and others mental health. It might be a small thing, but if it helps even one person I think its worth it, so I’m going to keep blogging wherever I can (and that person might just be me!). Keep in touch if you want. It’s always nice to know that there is someone out there reading, and stay safe, wherever you might be in the world.


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