Mountains of Memories

I’ve tried out another new grow with me pattern from Appletree Sewing. This is the Banff Sweater. Just look at that mountain!

We took these pictures at the zoo just before the start of the lockdown and it was really quiet! (Spot the Tiger!). This is the 12 month to 3 year size. Isn’t it amazing to think that Toby might still be wearing this for such a long time. It already feels like he has grown up so much already! I’m sure that it will see lots of memories made.

The sweater gets its adjustment from long cuffs and waistband. In the pattern there is the option to add Velcro to keep the waist cuff folded up for the smaller end of the size range. I ordered some yellow Velcro especially for the job. When I had sewn it, I was worried that it was a bit too stiff, but it does mean that the length is great right now so I have left it in and it isn’t so obvious when it’s actually being worn. For next time have found especially soft ‘snag free’ Velcro instead. It does seem to be more pliable than the standard sew in Velcro so it shouldn’t be quite so bulky.

I love the pieced together mountain on the front. I used a little piece of faux fur left over from Toby’s bunny coat for the snow so this whole jumper is just so soft! I will definitely be making more of these. I wish it came in an adult size! I like the way that it is actually a part of the jumper, not just appliquéd on.

It’s a little bright with all that yellow! This is pretty much the last scraps of some fleece I was given ages ago by Minerva which is why the sleeves are blue. There just wasn’t quite enough to get out yellow sleeves too, but I like the way that it ties in with the mountain anyway. At some point I am hoping to share the trousers and top I made for their blog because this will be such a cosy pairing.

I’ve been busy sewing up a couple of little capsule wardrobes of co-ordinating clothing for both Toby and Lottie, and I think I might use this sweatshirt pattern again in Toby’s. The mountain is really fun and will help to tie together a few solid colour co-ordinates.

I wish it came in adult sizes too, but I’m wondering about hacking another pattern to get the same effect. I think the Seamwork Paxton sweater would work pretty well as a starting block, or perhaps I could try it on the Stella Hoodie from Tilly’s Stretch book.

It seems a bit out of season to be sharing fleece, but before we know it it will be time to plan winter sewing. This is going to be great for all the muddy and wet splashing that Toby loves to do!


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