Mix and match baby layette

I’m always amazed at the number and quality of free sewing patterns that are available from a whole range of pattern designers, and so I decided it would be fun to test a few out to make a couple of baby outfits. The great thing about baby clothes is that the use so little fabric and are generally pretty quick to sew so you get lots of satisfaction for very little input!

Because baby is due in November this time around I really wanted to make some footed trousers. We had a couple of pairs when Toby was little, and they were great because you don’t need socks and outfit changes are especially quick! I found this free pattern from Vagabond Stitch for Footed Pants which seemed perfect, so I went ahead and made a couple of pairs in the newborn size.

I was a bit intrigued about how the foot was going to be constructed, but it was so much easier than I expected. The top and the sole of the foot are sewn together, then sewn into the leg in the round almost like a cuff. Much easier than I was envisaging. I decided it would be fun to have a flash of colour on the feet, so I swapped up the two fabrics that I’m using. These are both my ever favorite cotton spandex from Girl Charlee in Mint and Grey.

Another pattern that I have seen a few bloggers make it the Wee Lap Tee from Patterns for Pirates. It seems like a practical option because it has an envelope neckline to make it easier to get over a babies head. In keeping with the trousers, I’ve swapped the colours over on the neckline bands too.

Patterns for pirates have a whole baby set to download for free which is a lovely gift idea. I also used their Teeny Beanie pattern. It has bear ears- need I say more! There are also a couple of other variations including a knotted option which I might have to try out at some point too.

For all the garments I chose to sew the newborn size. I didn’t sew anything for Toby in newborn because I wasn’t sure it would be worth the effort or if he would grown too fast, but I found that even though he wasn’t the smallest of babies, the 0-3m sizes that I did sew for him were too big for quite a while. I think I might well end up sewing some more of the trousers in particular in a few other sizes. Toby’s were so good for things like baby massage, swimming and being weighed where you have to get them dressed and undressed!


9 thoughts on “Mix and match baby layette

  1. Kate says:

    The footed pants are so cute, will give them a go as well! Did I read that you are due in November with number 2? Me too. I remember initially that I dressed number 1 almost exclusively in zippered onesies for a number of months because my mother bought a bunch, but I honestly can’t remember if pants and tee was more or less convenient for nappy changes!


    • Naomi says:

      Yes, due in November. I’ve been following your maternity wardrobe too. We definitely did quite a few onesies, but I did enjoy getting Toby ‘dressed’ and found footed pants were good for weighing days and swimming when you have to keep getting them dressed and undressed again!


      • Kate says:

        I’m about to try the Tilly Nora top since I’m less of a fan of the fitted silhouette! Realised recently that I have nothing to wear with my maternity jeans, not sure what I did last time round or where it all went! Yes at some point when Jamie got older I felt better putting him in something so it didn’t feel like he was in PJs all day long…


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